Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts

Services Provided: Web development, domain registration, web hosting, Google ads, social media advertising

Deviant Media LLC had the pleasure of meeting Darin Safi, the owner of Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts, during the soft grand opening of her restaurant. As a result of this chance encounter, Deviant Media LLC approached Darin about the benefits of having an online presence and how it could help her business grow.

After discussing the benefits of having a website and the services that Deviant Media LLC could provide, Darin agreed to have Deviant Media LLC develop her website. Deviant Media LLC provided web development services, which included creating a website that reflected Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts’ brand and values. Additionally, Deviant Media LLC provided domain registration and web hosting services to ensure that the website was accessible to potential customers.

To increase the visibility of Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts online, Deviant Media LLC provided Google Ads and social media advertising services. These services helped to increase website traffic and attract new potential customers to the restaurant.

Google Analytics data showed that the website received a significant spike in traffic during the marketing campaigns, and traffic has continued to flow even after the campaigns ended. This growth in traffic can be attributed to the successful marketing campaigns implemented by Deviant Media LLC.

Golden Sun Mediterranean Kabobs & Desserts is extremely satisfied with the services provided by Deviant Media LLC. The restaurant’s online presence has helped to increase brand awareness and attract new customers, which has had a positive impact on the restaurant’s business. Darin Safi, the owner, is grateful for the ongoing partnership with Deviant Media LLC.

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