Solution: WooCommerce – There was an error getting your inbox. Please try again.

We recently ran into an error on one of our clients eCommerce website when we updates their WooCommerce. The error was on located in multiple location to include, analytics,  and the WooCommerce home page. The error on the WooCommerce home page caused order information to not populate and it displayed a warning that stated “There was an error getting your inbox. Please try again.” On the analytics page, it displayed a warning in multiple tables that read “There was an error getting your stats. Please try again.”woocommerce error

After troubleshooting the issue, we narrowed down the conflicting plugin to iThemes Security. Luckily, the plugin does not need to be deactivated. The issue is due to having the following setting checked.

Ithemes - solution for There was an error getting your inbox. Please try again.

The above setting can be found in System Tweaks, uncheck it and save settings. Your WooCommerce should now we working properly.

Hopefully, WooCommerce or iThemes Security will roll out an update to their plugin to prevent this conflict, while still allowing iTheme Security to filter long URL’s.

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